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7 Super Foods + Protein

Containing 7 healthy ingredients plus insect protein, these treats are like a super food smoothie in a biscuit and with a mouth-watering taste your pooch will never suspect a thing. Natural goodness for natural wellness.

Superfood Shortbreads are a great way to increase your pet’s nutritional variety to ensure they are eating all the nutrients they need. Perfect for training, an on-the-go energy boost these treats can be easily broken into bite-sized portions or eaten whole.

Made with carbon-neutral insect protein, you can help to create a greener planet one tasty treat at a time. Sustainability has never tasted so good.

  • Contains carbon neutral insect protein

  • Made in Australia

  • Contains all-natural ingredients

  • Includes mix of superfoods for added health benefits

  • Minimally processed for maximum taste and nutrition


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