Stinky Dog: Cleansing & Refreshing- Waterless Pet Shampoo 200ml


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Stinky Dog Waterless Pet Shampoo has been professionally formulated to gently cleanse and refresh your furry friend’s coat and skin without the use of water! Professionally formulated with natural extracts and essential oils, this product will cleanse and refresh your dog’s coat, leaving them with a refreshing aroma. And no wetting or rinsing is required!


What are the benefits…


Stinky Dog Waterless Pet Shampoo has a mild cleansing base to maintain healthy skin and optimal coat health

It refreshes the coat and adds vitality back to dry and lack-lustre coats

Leaves the coat refreshed and deodorised

It contains natural essential oils that help to sanitise and neutralise odours. Leaves no irritating residue and has a mild acting formulation that is suitable for all breeds and puppies

It’s perfect for bath fearful friends, time poor paw-rents and pets on the go!

How to use

Pump directly onto your pets’ coat, work it into the coat with your hands and then brush through. Towel off any excess if required or leave to dry naturally. For best results, follow with Stinky Dog Pet Grooming Spray.


Stinky Dog Products are

Made with plant extracts and natural Australian essential oils

Not tested on animals

Paraben and dye free

Made in Australia and

Have recyclable packaging

HURRY! Limited quantity available!


Ingredients: Water, SLS free cleansing base, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus, Rosemary Oil, Lavender Oil, Fragrance, Sunscreen, paraben-free preservative.


Note: All Stinky Dog products are recommended for use on healthy pets.  We do not recommend their use on pets with acute or chronic skin conditions, itching, flakiness, redness or persisting strong odours.  If so, please consult your Vet.


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