KONG Treat Spinner


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KONG Treat Spinner’s dynamic internal tumbler increases the challenge-and mental stimulation-of this durable food dispenser. A barrel of fun, this toy holds up to 4 cups of kibble and easily twists open for easy filling. Its internal spinning channels slow down kibble dispensing, making it an ideal, slow-feeding weight management tool. It’s exterior construction is designed for long-lasting sessions of quiet play.

  • Holds up to 4-cups of kibble for extended fun
  • Internal spinner provides a mentally enriching challenge
  • Ideal for slow feeding

1. Twist off top section on either end of Spinner to open.
2. Fill Spinner with dry food or small treats.
• For TREAT DISPENSING fun, add a small handful.
• For MEALTIME FEEDING, add up to 4 cups when filling.
3. Twist top on tightly. Encourage your dog to push, paw and roll the Spinner to dispense rewards.
Hand wash with soapy water.



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